Adios, 2018!

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January 8, 2019 by hallyrh


So this is a very, very short (and somehow useless) glimpse of how 2018 ended and 2019 started in Blackpool – booze and paracetamol on the loop, livers working overtime. That aside, I had fun. Well. At least I got to spend the end of the year with actual people, and did not just stay within the confines of my bedroom in pajamas eating pizza while watching chick flicks on Netflix. Not saying that wasn’t fun — any day in pajamas with pizza is always fun. But it was Christmas eve, and even my family back home were too busy to talk to me via video call. Haha. That’s fine. Christmas is still my favorite holiday. You’ve got to have at least one Christmas that sucked balls, right? To be fair, I didn’t think my last Christmas sucked balls even if I spent it mostly on Netflix.

Christmas 2017 was far worse cause at that time, I just failed my second OSCE. Literally days, not even a week had passed. The wounds were still gaping open and oozing. Now, in 2018, I went through a truckload of crap. But! I finally passed that goddamn exam, I now have a permanent job, I’ve got my work visa back, and I have a roof over my head under which I can eat my pizza and watch stuff on Netflix. So yeah. Christmas 2018 still beats Christmas 2017 any time.

By the dubs. You might notice 2 faces heavily showing up on the video. You’ve just met Charmz, who’s basically my partner-in-shite when it comes to b/vlogging.


Charmz’ very thoughtful Christmas card.

Incidentally, on her Christmas card, she low-key requested to be name-dropped on this blog. And in what world is Charmz ever low-key? LOL. Hence, not only her name but her face is on the blog now. Along with our faces, but we’re merely supporting characters. Haha. Might even give her access to this blog one day but I’m reconsidering that thought because apart from the fact that she’s probably going to ruin it (she will), she will also have firsthand ingress to posts that I’ve locked. Granted, I’ve forgotten the password for most of those but I will not underestimate her prowess to search for and keep blackmail material about her friends and then bide her time until she’s ready to use them. Haha. Do you agree with me Anna? Haha. Another name dropped!

Kidding aside. Charmz is a ride-or-die kind of friend. The type who will help you bury the body or make it look like an accident should you ever kill someone. In less evil terms, she is a “friend for keeps”. So yeah. If you’re reading this, you bizsh, you’ve been more than name-dropped. I hope you’re happy now.

Good luck with your resolutions this year, peeps!

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