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March 13, 2018 by hallyrh

Today, I travelled to the capital by bus again. This is the third time in 2 months. Not that I don’t enjoy it. Any excuse to escape for a bit, I’d take.

So I was napping earlier in the bus when these uni ladies started debating about what I suspect is premarital sex. Or at least something about sex, can’t be sure. The word coït kept being mentioned loudly (they’re French), plus its crude four-letter english counterpart also came up a few times loudly so I kinda clued in. I uploaded an Instagram story as we rolled into Central London and you can hear a snippet of one of the French girls’ loud dialogue in the background.

Now you must be waiting for the plot twist or something, but there’s really none. Haha. I just really wanted to kind of gently complain about my short-lived nap. Haha.

Being a grump aside, I was looking forward to settling into the hostel I booked. Apparently it was award-winning. Looking back, the last hostel I booked was a bit dingy – and by ‘a bit’, I mean a lot. Hahaha. I can’t believe this hostel is within the same price range! Had I known before that this wonderful nook existed, regardless of it being in Zone 2-3 (boundary), I would’ve stayed here all throughout.

Anyway. I decided to travel by bus this time and vetoed the tube. Firstly because I had luggage, and secondly, I really didn’t have the energy to traverse the London Underground at that time.

So into one of the red double-deckers I went. I tapped my Oyster Card in, and the angry red light blinked at me. I was kinda confused. I topped up the night before, I was sure of it. I tapped in again. Still red. Whut? The driver looked mighty pissed. He exclaimed, “You have no money!” and yes, while I do have very limited funding, mister, there is no need for that attitude. But then again he could be having a bad day. Who knows? He said gruffly, “You need to get off at the next stop.” Right. Thank heavens there are 8 million other people here in London, which means the chances of ever gazing at your positively glowing visage again is close to zero.

I thought, look, I just read a book about kindness and I am not going take it personally even if this dude just announced, in a bus full of people, my pathetic financial standing. So when we got to the next bus stop, I said, “Well, thanks still!” And dismounted the bus with a smile on my face. Haha. Kill them with kindness.

I put my debit card in my toiletries pouch in the wheelie bag, and I wasn’t about to open my luggage in the middle of a bustling sidewalk. In my defense, I tucked my card away so I wouldn’t be tempted to buy anything with it. Hehe. So I topped up my Oyster card and then flagged the next 98 bus, tapped in, and promptly got rejected again. And then it hit me. It will take 30 minutes before activation. What is wrong with meeeeeeeeeee?!?! Haha!

Eventually I got to the hostel. Deemed one of the best in London, Palmers Lodge is situated along Willesden Lane. It has dorm rooms and private rooms, clean toilets and showers, a lounge, a self-service kitchen (where you can cook your own meals should you choose to), a mess hall, a bar, a pool table, and an outdoor deck. There are loads of guests from families to tourists to stay-in students. The facilities are clean, the staff’s nice, and, although I’m staying in a 14-bed female dorm, each bed has their own curtain for privacy, as well as their own lamp. This is the best one I stayed in so far.

I couldn’t provide any identification when I came to check in because, well. It’s me. I forget important things like this. Haha. I’m in a foreign country and not a single ID in my bag! Luckily I have scanned copies of my BRP and passport in the sent items folder of my email account, and they honored it. Told you the staff was nice. Of course at the back of their minds they were probably thinking, what a blockhead. In my defense, out of all the times I have checked into hostels and cheap lodgings here in the UK, this is the first time it happened. That’s not a strong point but a point nonetheless. Haha.

Anyhoo. I’ll be staying here for a few days since I’ve got stuff to do. Also, I’m thinking of dropping by the NMC headquarters in Portland Place on Friday before I take a bus back home. I sent them a letter about a week ago regarding the waiting time for my new decision letter and I have no way of knowing if they’ve acknowledged the letter (which was handwritten to show my earnest intent, by the way) or if it went straight to the shredder. No idea. Will I be wasting my time by dropping by at the headquarters to follow up an application that was qeued only around a week and a half ago? I don’t know. Likely. But I’ll take my chances.

Well then! I need to pop into the shower and read the materials I got today. It’s chilly here in our dorm room but then again they provided extra thick duvets and I just want to curl up under it.

Anywho. This post has been a waste of time, space, and internet matter. Haha. Back to more insightful posts in a few days. Cheers!


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