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January 29, 2018 by hallyrh

The house is totally silent and cold at the moment so I decided to write.

Now I have no idea why I suddenly had an overwhelming sense to put up a blog entry (or entRIES – because I am in the mood, dude) just because our heater thermostat is at 16 degrees or because there are no sounds in 9 Newton Place at the moment except for the whirring of the washer, which is currently spinning yesterday’s dirty laundry, but here I am typing away and listening to – let me have a look at Spotty for a moment, because I definitely know this song but there’s a country twist to it – ah, I Will Always Love You by Dolly Parton(?).

This playlist is all sorts of depressing actually, I dunno why I clicked on it. Well, it said Timeless Love Songs and I was in the mood to get inspired to write something mellow, but then Eric Carmen’s All By Myself started playing, and my mood kind of took a sharp downward slope. The view of the sun setting from my window after such a grey day is not exactly very uplifting either.

(Now Mariah Carey’s Without You is playing. I better change the music before I curl up under the throw, reflect on my poor life choices, and then sleep for 12 hours. Haha.)

Oh but now Something Stupid is playing! I like this one. It makes me feel like I’m in a chick flick plot. See, this is why I have earphones punched in all the time, listening to music. Aside from the fact that you can cancel out chatter and zone in on your thoughts, you can also pretend to be in an indie movie, which is fun, actually! But, just, you know, be careful when crossing streets, especially if you’ve got those noise-cancelling earphones. Let’s not cheapen the indie movie with soap opera twists like getting hit by an oncoming vehicle. Hehe!

Anyway I better get my laundry out of the washer cause I think it’s done now. Oh and turn up the thermostat, tell you stuff about me coping with the tempest that was December, and update the trips section of this blog, which I virtually left gaping. And then watch Attack of the Clones later – no matter how much that Padme and Anakin picnic scene makes me cringe. Because apparently, if you put a flower field in a scene in a movie, then it is requisite to have lovers chase each other in and/or roll over it while laughing playfully. (I mean, who would have thought from watching the original Star Wars trilogy that Vader was into that kind of sap in his youth? Haha!)



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