Are You Going to Eat That?

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January 29, 2018 by hallyrh

I was never really stick thin ya’know. I’ve always been on the chubby side. I’d say curvy, but that’s just a fancy feminist word for chubby and let’s be real here – 72 kilograms in my height is not, quote and quote, curvy. Well it could be, if the curves we’re talking about are my layers of tummy fat, haha.

But yeah. I was a big lady. Still am, but I did reach the point of not being able to wear anything aside from leggings and a loose shirt.

Could you really blame me, though? Eating is an incorrigible, absolutely wondrous delight! My mind simply cannot compute when people tell me they “don’t feel like eating”. Are you fudging kidding me bruh? Can you not smell it? How can your mouth not water with the smell of food? How can you make a sour face while a steaming pan of cheesy, meaty pizza is being served on the table?!

But then I get slapped in the face with systolic blood pressures of 130 in my early 20’s and then I realized, if I keep this wild eating habits up, my blood pressure will continue to go skywards. And let’s not forget that both sides of my family has HTN histories.

And so I told myself: cut it out!

So I tried running.

I could not even run a hundred meters in the beginning, and it was upsetting. I got even more pumped to exceed my limits though. I alternated home workouts and running. I also occasionally went to the gym. The first time I went to the gym, I felt horrible cause chubby girls and gyms simply do not intersect. I was thinking, aw crap people are going to think LOL this will be the first and last time that chick’s going to be here. But then, who the fudge cares what people think anyway? Focus on your biceps and triceps and pecs and abs people, and let me burn those Krispy Kremes in peace.

I had to totally eradicate any form of junk food in my diet. I didn’t eat sweets and pizza and fast food for months. I would eat carrot sticks instead of fries, vegetable stew instead of pork chops and wheat bread instead of rice and I absolutely hated every single fudging second of it that sometimes I end up crying because I WANT A BURGER!

But then I started seeing results. Couldn’t believe it at first, but it all began with my work scrubs. They were loose. I thought it was all in my head, but when I was starting to pull the sleeves up my shoulders while doing venipunctures, I thought, hmmm.

Suddenly, the pants I couldn’t wear in the past became daily wear for me. By that time, I was actually enjoying running, and I could run 20 laps around the monument in the QC Circle for an hour without stopping. That’s around 9 kilometers. So when I went out for a run, that became like my go-to distance. 9 km for an hour without slowing down.

From 72 kilograms, I dropped down to 53 kilograms in 4, 5 months. 53 kilos, that was like my college weight – lighter, even. So see, when you put your mind to it, you can do it. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, losing weight. It’s not glamorous. It’s 100% pain and anguish and I can guarantee that you will hate every second of it.

But you have to think of yourself. I was scared for my health so I had to turn myself around or I’ll most likely end up dying prematurely. Can’t have that! Not with all the ambition I have in me. Hehe.

Bottom line is, you will get results if you have enough discipline. Plus, there’s really no question as to whether it will work – it’s a proven scientific fact that when you burn calories, you loose weight, pretty much like 1 + 1 = 2. Don’t expect things to change overnight – it doesn’t happen like that, even if you ask for divine intervention. Even God wants you to work a sweat. It’s in the Bible, isn’t it? We need to take care of our bodies so we can use it for serving the Lord.

From 53 kg, I’ve gone up t0 58 again (to be honest I prefer to be a bit on the 55 above-ish weight because the 53 kg look did not really suit the roundness of my face, haha!) and after the holidays and all the pre- and post-OSCE stress eating I did, it’s gone up to 60, but I draw the line there. Hehe. Have to start eating right again. Would’ve loved to run to help burn the excess calories, but how can you run in 2-degree weather? Might have to buy thermal running duds but that’s really not at the forefront of my mind at the moment. Really not in the right financial conditions for a monthly gym membership either. To be quite honest, there’s just too much on my plate right now to worry about fitness maintenance, but I consider it a good thing that the ward I work in has a very long hallway. All the walking and the workload during shifts can be considered moderate exercise.

So anyway. The gist is, you can do it if you put your mind to it. There’s no easy way out of it, mate! If you take the easy way out, you’ll end up in a hospital bed. Discipline yourself. There will be results, that’s proven fact. Just have the right state of mind.

And who comes into mind when discipline is brought up?

…. The Jedis. Haha.

Go ahead and burn those fats with the sass of Mace Windu! May the force be with you!

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