Off sick.

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November 17, 2017 by hallyrh

I feel like hot wet dog crap. 😭

The dry cough is now productive and I’ve been having on and off fever today. The fever seems to worsen every time I sleep, because I always wake up feeling like I’m rising from the dead. The good thing is, I still have a massive appetite… or is that really a good thing? The one possible positive outcome of this temporary indisposition is weight loss, but my body’s not having it, apparently. Haha.

And it did my dwindling personal funds no good.

So I woke up today feeling (and coughing) like a dying seal. I couldn’t really get up from bed to do anything so after calling in sick, I just remained prostrate and my thoughts drifted to my savings and oh the amount of useless, impulsive crap I bought over the last couple of weeks! 😭

I decided that I have to save myself from the fiery pits of bankruptcy, so I opened up a separate account online without a debit card. But just before I surrender my remaining funds into that account and lock it away for eternity, I gave myself a bit of an allowance which I’m supposed to use wisely till next payday.

And then I started browsing eBay because I’m sick and wanted to see nice things. I saw fob watches and retractable badge holders and a Yoda phone case and Cath Kidston plimsoll sneakers for £14. And before I knew it, I was blasting away the allowance I set for myself supposedly till the end of the month. Aaaaaarrrgghhh!!!!

Now I have some £7 left from the allowance. I have £7 to spare till the 29th of November because I would rather have Yoda on the back of my phone rather than get on a bus to work. Aaaaaaaarrrrghh!!!!

This has to stop.

No more trips to the Town Centre till next payday! I firmly believe I’ve bought all I wanted to buy online today, so I think no more casual browsing on Amazon and eBay and Cath Kidston’s online warehouse for a long long long long long time. 

I need to focus on the OSCEs anyway. In fact, I should be practicing right now! The trouble is, I feel like a hippo (and, at the rate I’m eating lately, I will probably actually weigh like one very soon) and my throat feels so dry that every time I try to speak, I feel like sand will come out of my mouth.

But I need to study. Sleeping is making the illness a lot worse anyway. Plus, no one’s home at the moment so I’m free to talk to the couch as if it were a real patient till 9pm. 😂

Have a swell afternoon in semi-to-total darkness, everyone! 😄 #Winteriscoming


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