It’s been a while!

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August 28, 2017 by hallyrh

I know I haven’t been around much. 

It’s just that since I arrived in the UK, everything pretty much snowballed – getting accustomed to a new environment, trying to get used to the language, getting to know my work place and the people there, adjusting to adult patients (cause I’ve been a NICU nurse for 5 years), studying for this huge exam we have to take in October. All that, plus the pressures of adulting – moving into a new house, getting second-hand furniture, buying weekly groceries — and trying our hardest not to fall apart financially. Basically. Haha.  (Thank God for charity shops and Primark sales. 😄)

But any how, I promised myself, after a multitude of failed attempts in the past, that this is the blog that I’ll have for keeps. I mean I think I tried several blogging platforms before and this is the one that actually lasted the longest – three years and counting! So yeah. Never abandoning this one again.

So. What to talk about?

Well I started following the official schedule our ward manager drafted. I just had my first long day weekend and it was, to put it simply, oh my God.

We were literally on the move 13 hours straight (didn’t count the 30-minute hand over there). I made the mistake of not eating breakfast before coming to work the first day, thinking naaaah I can make myself a jam sandwich for my morning break. Well that taught me never to leave on an empty stomach ever again. Haha. I unfortunately wasn’t able to have a morning break that day. The only break I ever had last Saturday was for lunch, at about half past 1, and by that time, my hands were shaking so bad that I had a bit of trouble getting the lid off my lunch box, haha. Plus, I had a splitting left-sided migraine. I mean I’ve had migraines at work here before, at one point I even had to excuse myself to sit down for a moment in the staff room cause I was getting seriously dizzy (but then again, I didn’t eat breakfast that particular morning as well, hmm). But last Saturday was probably the worst.

Oh, and we were kind of understaffed. There were only 2 senior nurses on duty during the weekend. Last Saturday, a patient went into cardiac arrest right after the hand over, so we were basically running around like headless chickens before the entire shift even started — especially me, cause, you know — can’t really do much without any supervision. My two senior nurses rushed to the emergency and I wish I could’ve done their medicine rounds for them or something, made myself more useful while they were with the cardiac arrest team trying to resusce the patient. But I couldn’t give out tablets yet without supervision. Then a breathless doctor appeared in front of me asking where do you keep the blue box? Where is the blue box? And I was just standing there like a complete idiot because I had no idea what he was asking for. WTF IS A BLUE BOX JESUS I WOULD HAVE RUSHED OUT AND GOTTEN IT IF I KNEW WHAT IT WAS. (I found the blue box later that afternoon lying on top of one of the shelves in the treatment room — or, at least, what I think is the blue box. I meant to ask my seniors what it actually contained, but 13 chaotic working hours later, it totally slipped from my mind.)

Sunday was only a slight improvement, because the shift was just as busy and just as understaffed, but no cardiac arrests and hypoglycemic episodes that day so — yay, I guess? Haha.

Overall, my first two long days were quite memorable. One of my senior staff nurses yesterday asked me in the treatment room, “Do you have any regrets working in this ward now?” And in the back of my throat, there was a resounding YES that wanted to escape and I struggled to keep it down (which probably showed in my face and the length of time I was taking to answer, haha) so my senior nurse continued his talk and said “Well to be honest I have had those thoughts in the past. But the learning opportunities here are neverending. And they say, if you make it here, you can make it anywhere else in the hospital.”

OK so that’s the second time a staff member told me that. And based on what I’ve seen and experienced so far, it’s safe to say that it’s true. I’ve done a few short hours of benching with my mentor at a different ward once and — the difference. The huge, huge difference!

I dunno why I picked the endocrinology ward back when I was interviewed for the job. Is it fate? 🤤

I know it’s difficult and all, but the only thing I can ever do is to try my hardest. I mean it has to mean something, right? Me choosing to work in the endo ward that fateful night, the words spilling out of my mouth before I could stop them? After I spewed out that I wanted to work in the endo ward, my brain cells went haywire and immediately went on strike.

Well I couldn’t really take it back. At that time, all I really wanted was to work in the UK. Didn’t matter which ward.

But, as they say, everything will work out in the end. Every difficulty will pass. Might as well collide with them head on now; the earlier, the better.

So. That’s the work side of things.

And because I don’t want to make this post even longer than it should, I should probably make a separate post about the “life” side of things.

And, well, I can’t really dedicate more precious ticking time into making blog posts because according to my to-do list today (in which this particular task wasn’t listed at all, haha!), I’m already falling way behind schedule.

So I’ll have to end it here, put stuff in a pot in the kitchen and try hard not to set the carbon monoxide alarm thingy off, head to Town see which shops will be open on a bank holiday, and camp out in the library to study for the exam we’ll be taking in October.



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