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June 29, 2017 by hallyrh

Oh man. I want to watch Goblin online but Sharon assigned me to read up on the Roper model of nursing.

So I went to the hospital library today and asked for resources on the model. The librarian kindly pointed me to some shelves at the far corner, housing some nursing references. She said the best source to study the Roper model is a small yellow book labelled 610.730 (she forgot the title).


I was impressed with the vast amount of updated, well-kept books in the library! They also have computers stations, quiet lounges, and enclosed quarters for private group study or reading sessions. They have fiction, they have periodicals. They even have reference and entertainment DVDs for borrowing, as well as iPads for lending, I think, for eBook resources. 

If we could just have these programs in our local libraries  in the Philippines! But with our virtually nonexistent sense of self-discipline, it will never work out. Especially the iPad lending? Ha!

Besides. I don’t think the government would spend that much tax on improving local library facilities. They would probably use the money for far more important matters — like watching ring-side on Pacquiao’s next fight in Vegas. Buying luxury cars. Or perhaps depositing the money in their Swiss bank accounts?


I registered officially to the library with the librarian’s help. Initially I thought she was a grump, but she was actually a really kind soul the more I got to talk to her. She helped set me up, and then I checked out the Roper book, and she told me they have an app which can help me keep track of my transactions in the library, as well as reserve books in advance. Rest assured I will become a regular in that library in the coming weeks. It’s cause libraries are basically my natural habitat 😄. I feel faaaar more at home in libraries than in any other public place anywhere, anytime.

Anyway. Left temple’s pounding slightly, buuut I have to get some reading done otherwise I’d be all deer-in-headlights with The Sharons tomorrow. Yikes. 🤤


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