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May 29, 2017 by hallyrh

I’m looking at my planner as I write this, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to recall the stuff that went on over the past few weeks. Short-term memory and all. 

May 13 – we went to the Manila Ocean Park. The last time I was there, which was almost a year ago, I was stampeding with 50 or so Pokemon Go players in an attempt to catch a Lapras that was 10 minutes away from disappearing. And yes! I successfully caught one! Along with a Lickitung and several Dratinies. It was a fruitful night. Ah-hem. Anyway, we had voucher tickets for Yexel’s Toy Museum.

The displays were pretty nice. Upon entering, there were Marvel Superheroes and snooty museum staff telling people who have just entered the premises that pictures weren’t allowed in that particular section (they had a booth and standby photographer for kids who wanted to get their pictures taken, for a fee). Meh, we weren’t big fans of Superman and Batman and Wonderwoman so we slouched off to the next few displays.

Minions, an upside down exhibit, Alvin and the Chipmunks.

And then we entered an area with exhibits from Cinderella, Up, Game of Thrones, and ta-daaaaah! STAR WARS! We qeued up for photos. My favorite one was my encounter with Darth Vader and the Storm Troopers (cue imperial march).

There was also an entire section solely dedicated to Iron Man, which my cousins went cray-cray over. It was difficult to get solo photos what with all the people milling about in the background, but we were able to ask people to literally get out of the way with our genetic persuasion skills (which involved a lot of EXCUSE ME’S and some gentle ushering).

The tour was over, not even 25 minutes later. It was a pretty small exhibit. I guess you’d have to be really big fans so appreciate the whole thing. It was OK. 

What I did enjoy was the cheesecake we ate at Hotel H20. Hehe.

The following Monday, trying to kill boredom, my mother and I went to Fishermall just to bum around and battle the heat. We tried the treats at Cold Layers Cafe. I had their best-selling Horlick’s Snow Ice (I asked the waiter what horlick was, and he mumbled something about malt), and ma had Something Cheesy (which is pretty self-explanatory). On Friday the 19th, after basically a week-long quiet stay at home in which I nearly gouged my eyes out just to have something relevant and adventurous to do, we went to mass at Quiapo Church, had breakfast at a nearby McDonald’s, and proceeded with our hobby of lounging in front of the TV for the rest of the day, trying our best not to pull our hairs out. Haha.

May 20th, my aunt treated us to a 2-day staycation in Winford Hotel. My aunt and cousins and I went swimming at the pool till late in the afternoon, after which we registered and got membership cards and buffet dinner vouchers. That night, it was the 150th anniversary of the Manila Jockey Club, a pretty big deal for horse-owners and racers. There were high-profile people in formal attire attending the gala that night. Some were well-known politicians. But while they were clinking glasses and talking about their latest closed deals and all that, my family and I were enjoying ourselves in the outdoor bar. 

My cousin and I, of course, made another hilarious video to add to our compilation of vlogs where we pretend to be the owners of whatever establishment we were in. We were even allowed inside the pool area, which was supposedly off-limits to patrons after 8 PM. Around 10 PM, we went back to the suite, and enjoyed the really beautiful view of the Manila skyline.

The following day, we headed out to Maginhawa, specifically at the Laruan Cafe, for some lunch before concluding the day. My cousins and I had fun playing pick-up sticks and Jenga.

The 23rd, ma and I went to lunch at her favorite place, My Thai Kitchen. She loves their Fried Rice Thai Style. And then the following day, it’s the finale of her favorite show of all, The Voice (Chris Blue won). Throughout the show, she kept this notebook with a list of all the contestants. She crossed out those who have been eliminated and highlighted the names of those whom she thought would make it to the finals.

(Whenever The Voice was on, she had this death grip on the remote — no changing the channels, not even during commercial breaks. Gaaah! Not sorry it’s over. LOL.)
Finally, yesterday, May 28th, after attending Sunday Service at 7 AM, my mom and I went to Divisoria (been a long time, hey!) because she wanted to buy new blouses. We went to 168 and she did manage to get some stuff but I started to get that head-spinning feeling, like I was going to collapse at any moment (there were just SO MANY PEOPLE. I felt like I couldn’t breathe!). I had to sit down a couple times. But then my mother declared she wanted to buy snacks and suddenly it was like health bar – refilled! Hehe.

We got home at around 2 PM yesterday and watched KDramas until 9 PM. Not bad at all.

And now it’s a new week and I am back to shitting bricks because a new week means I am back to waiting, and all this waiting is surely going to give me a nervous breakdown one of these days.

Thank goodness for the Oppas in all these KDramas for giving me some kind of life line during this nail-biting, nerve wracking, anxiety-inducing period.


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