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April 19, 2017 by hallyrh

You’ve been religiously playing everyday, collecting daily rewards, not upgrading anything till you’ve reached a certain level or a specific number of cash. You’ve been strategizing how to make the most of the little earnings you make in your restaurant/farm/city/fortress. Every gem/diamond/gold bar do not come often so when they do, you grab them, saving them and never using them till absolutely, resolutely, unquestionably NECESSARY. 

They’re just staring at you, as if taunting you with their small number, usually at the top of the screen, right in the middle. There is always that ever-present, “+” beside your displayed number of gems, daring you to take the bait and use your credit cards to buy more gems/diamonds/gold bars to make your game all the more enjoyable.

It’s driving you insane! Your waffledogs are taking so long to cook but you need gems to upgrade your stove.

You want that high-rise limited edition tower for your city but you need an impossible amount of gold bars to buy it.

You want to harvest your crops ASAP but it’s taking way too long.

You want to add more builders to your camp but you don’t have gems.

You want to upgrade your runner to Bolt, but you don’t have enough coins.

You want the most expensive couch for the house you’re building but you. Have. No. More. Cash.

It makes you want to pull your hair and scream, doesn’t it?

So when someone offers an easy-peasy way to gain as much gems as you could on YouTube — so simple, in fact, that you wonder why you never thought of doing it before, duh — wouldn’t you want in?

That’s basically my predicament with this old game, Cooking Fever. I’ve had it for years on my iPad but my levels progress like a baby turtle on an expressway because of those goddamn gems that you could only earn at the end of the week.

One night, it was while I was making uttapams in my Indian restaurant, waiting for them to cook on my slow, un-upgraded burners and making me lose customers, that I decided I’ve had enough. The developers purposefully made the game as annoying as it was so we would be lured into punching our credit card details in.

I was seething with the unfairness of the world, the social discrimination, the oppression of those who do not want to spend a dime on stupid in-app purchases (haha!) when I decided to one up these deceitful developers by looking for cheats online. Haha!

 (I just wanted to cook as freely as I could! Is that a crime?)

And so I found on YouTube an unbelievably easy way to gain more gems without having to download anything: changing the date on your system settings. By skipping one month, you get to earn 5 gems. Keep doing it and you’ll earn a hundred gems in 15 minutes.

A hundred gems in 15 minutes. I’ve been scraping for gems since I started this game when all the while, there’s been an incredibly elementary way to gain them without breaking a sweat or shitting bricks.

Cha-ching! For the rest of the night I religiously forwarded my system date month by month and pretty soon I gained 200 gems.

I shamelessly upgraded the shit out of all my cookware and ingredients in that Indian restaurant. I improved the crap out of my restaurant furniture.

No more angry customers, easier cooking, no more hating the world. Haha!

Now, now. Don’t draw conclusions on my character based solely on my tendency to cheat in cooking-slash-time management games. I swear I’m a good person! I wouldn’t have cheated if it weren’t for my passion to serve meals to people as promptly and quickly as I could. Right? Hahaha!


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