The indie effect.

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October 6, 2016 by hallyrh

There are billions of people in the world and each has a different story.

It’s completely astonishing, this whole universal makeup. Right at this moment, as I type away on this blog, there is an event going on somewhere in the world. I mean isn’t it surreal? You, readers, have your own life, and I have mine. I mean, these day-to-day things… Don’t they want to make you slap your thigh and say, “Well I’ll be damned”?

Perhaps the reflective mood is because of listening lately to too much deep indie OPM. Have you tried? You can begin with a few Up Dharma Down tunes (and I don’t mean Tadhana – not saying it’s a bad song. On the contrary, it’s actually quite awesome. But you have to try other UDD songs.). Clara Benin, Kate Torralba, Kai Honasan, and Honeydrop are also a few that are very easy to the ears. You know, guitar strumming or gentle piano keys and quiet, lulling voices. Taking Cars are a bit more alternative. Ang Bandang Shirley, and the well-known Itchyworms have songs that are ideal for long road trips, with the windows down. And then there’s The Purplechickens – I love their song Dream Systems and Ang Landas ng Walang Kapatwaran. And Glaiza De Castro! Her songs are actually quite good. There’s Ciudad, Brisom, Skymarines, Hanna + Gabi (Finlegs is one of my favorites), Steady Machine (Tabanata is good), Loop, and Paramita. Stuff that you can probably hear playing in Artwork (haha) include music by Flying Ipis, and Halik ni Gringo. And then there’s BP Valenzuela and her beautiful electronica love songs.

It’s all because of Spotify, particularly that Indie OPM playlist by Bel Certeza, I think? You should check it out. All the songs in that playlist are QUALITY. Forget about buns and boobs and using reptiles to represent the male anatomy for a minute.

Anyway. I’m trying to make use of the time I have now to do stuff I rarely had time to do back when I was still working at the hospital. Old hobbies, like writing, drawing, reading, and listening to music for hours on end. I’m trying to be productive – and trying to busy myself – while waiting for news about my employment status in Abu Dhabi. I’m praying I did the right thing, quitting my job.




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