Apparel from Anonas


November 6, 2015 by hallyrh

And because I was having a mteaphysical dilemma in my previous post, I dealt with it in the usual feminine way.

I went shopping.

With my modest earnings, no, I did not go to Forever 21 and all the usual fashion havens. I went to the famed ukay-ukay haunts in Anonas! *Evil laughter!*

If you’re from Fairview like I am, there should be no issue getting to Anonas because there are a lot of PUVs en route to Anonas cruising through the highways of Commonwealth. As soon as the route ends, disembark from the jeepney and walk a little distance to the LRT station. Climb up the steps, past the food carts, and voila: the entrance to the first thrift shop haven, connected to Anson Department Store:


Racks upon racks upon racks of blouses, jackets, pants, dresses, and shoes. Fair warning though, this particular shop has way pricier items than the others, probably because a lot of their stuff are branded. I found an aquamarine Nike hoodie here which cost 450 Pesos, with hearts in my eyes. But then, I mentally helicopter-kicked myself because for starters, I went on a shopping trip to acquire a haul of clothing for less. Getting that hoodie would mean chopping off a third of my intended budget, and that does not sit well with my original intent. Second, I wanted one-of-a-kind stuff that will not be readily found in malls and boutiques. I wanted moldy, dusty, rare ukay-ukay finds. I want the 20 and 50 Peso-blouses.

So I turned away from the tantalizing aquamarine Nike hoodie and turned my attention instead to the more affordable racks. Keeping in mind that our impending trips would be up north where it is cold and mountainous, I began looking for long-sleeved garments.

However, in the succeeding months, we will be heading to the beach, so I made a mental note to look for denim shorts as well.



Cotton shorts: Php 130.


Oversized hoodie: Php 120.

And those would be the two most expensive items in my canvas bag.

After descending the staircases that led back to the street, I entered a building just beside the Mercury Drug outlet next to the St. Joseph Shrine. I emerged into the 4-level thrift shop haven I have read about from several blogs.



  • BE PATIENT. Every shop is unique. Expect a bazillion of clothing hanging on racks and be ready to sift through them for the rare garments you so want to have.
  • Bring bottled water if you must. The main building is not air conditioned. Some boutiques are, some aren’t.
  • Note: Bathrooms are not readily accessible to the public. You have to ask for the keys from shopkeepers.
  • Check your duds for damage before you pay for them. If you’re one of those DIY fashion whizzes who are very adept with needle and thread, kudos to you. But if, like me, you are one of those kids who can’t even get your running stitches right let alone sew a button on a blouse, use your feminine x-ray vision and look for defects.

Here are my finds:


Plaid blouses. The red one, Php 20; the green one Php 60.


TOP LEFT AND RIGHT: travel cloak with armholes, Php 50; sleeveless cardie, Php 50. BOTTOM LEFT AND RIGHT: Cropped cardies, Php 50 each.


TOP LEFT TO BOTTOM RIGHT: Jacket-vest, Php 50; oversized turtleneck sweater, Php 50; long-sleeved peasant blouse, Php 50; and boho mini-skirt, Php 25.


Nautical blouses, Php 20 each.


TOP LEFT TO BOTTOM RIGHT: Zara miniskirt, Php 75; peasant blouse, Php 20; dress, Php 50; dress with shoulder tassels, Php 20.


TOP LEFT TO BOTTOM RIGHT: Scarves, made from India, worth 60 Pesos and 75 Pesos respectively; tank tops worth 20 Pesos each, can be used as undergarments (or if you’re daring enough, can be used as tops as is! Haha!).

Important tip: Don’t forget to thoroughly clean the garments before using them. To be honest, I was sneezing and rubbing my nose while I was prowling through the racks. The clothes were really old and smelled kind of musty.

If it’s not contraindicated (depends on the type of fabric, right?), submerge them in warm water. Use an antibacterial laundry detergent, and go as far as bleaching the white ones.

Happy ukay shopping! 😀 😀 😀

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