Down to the last quarter of the year


October 16, 2015 by hallyrh

My birthday is coming up in 4 days and I still have no idea how I’m going spend it. I have vague ideas of buying the biggest set of Faber Castell connector pens as a self-gift, and maybe biking somewhere.

I have a lot of potential travel lined up for the upcoming months. In the second week of November, there’s Hanoi with my family. Then first week of December my high school friend and I are planning on meeting the legendary Whang-Od up in Kalinga. My friend plans on getting a tattoo, and if I could, I would get one too – I’ve already got the design picked out in my head and all – but I’m a nurse and I’m planning to work overseas in the Middle East. I’m not sure how they’re going to feel about health care workers with tats. Especially since I want the tattoo near my radial pulse – a very exposed area.

On the last week of December, I’m spending an all-girls family Christmas vacation in Boracay. Then on the second week of January, my workmates and I are off to Palawan.

In between those trips, I await my HAAD registration.

In short, with all the coming trips and impending exams, I should really be saving money instead of squandering my meager salary over trivial things.

So I’ll take the high road and spurn material things in the meantime.

Cheerio. 😊

2 thoughts on “Down to the last quarter of the year

  1. Advance Happy Birthday! 🙂

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