Munching in Maginhawa


August 11, 2015 by hallyrh

This is the ultimate destination in Quezon City if you want to partake in gastronomic soul-searching, with its quaint little restaurants, uniquely themed food shops, and artsy cafes. Everything is deelish, with a wide array of prices.

The first time we tried Maginhawa was in January. I just had braces installed a few days prior, plus an impacted wisdom tooth extraction, so you can imagine the agony of having to sit and watch your friends eat delectable dishes while your entire oral cavity is on fire. Haha. Nevertheless, time spent with friends (swollen molar gums notwithstanding) is time well-spent, so I went anyway. Plus I had to make a quick trip to the bookstore to buy some paint brushes.

Our first stop was an open pizzeria called Bobo’s. At the time, we had the place to ourselves.


Not to discourage you or anything, but my friends weren’t raving about the place after our meal, so I guess Bobo’s can be rated a safe score of 3. Not stellar, but not downright bad. Just OK. I’m sorry I couldn’t really share a lot of details about the food cause I’ve totally forgotten what we ordered! (It was 7 months ago, cut me some slack, please? 🙂 )

Next, we went to the Iscreamist:



Oreos & Cream by The Iscreamist (Php 150)

Finally! Something I could eat and soothe my post-op aches! The bluish lighting made the place look like an actual freezer. All the treats were served in glass bowls with liquid nitrogen, completing the sub-zero effect. The space was tiny and could only accommodate small groups of people, but precisely because of that, it gave the place a cozy, chill-out vibe — well, as cozy as a foggy blue room can be, anyway. 🙂

Next stop, burger joint Stuff Over.

They mainly serve American dishes: burgers and fries. The space is also limited, but pretty much like The Iscreamist, it had a laid back ambience. After the meal, we took some spare napkins and wrote down messages which we tacked on their freedom wall.



This is Stuff Burger’s Hungry Daisy Meal (Php 220). Not a very attractive pic but we couldn’t help ourselves from pouncing!


Next stop: Caution Hot! The spicy ramen house.


I’m the kind of person who finds a bag of V-Cut way too spicy — a blatant indication that I am not a fan of spicy food.

My friends, on the other hand, absolutely love spicy food what with their stocks of mouth-blazing instant jjamppong noodles in their work cabinets.

So we had to wait in line cause the place was full when we arrived. It was a pretty popular joint after all. My workmates and I decided to share bowls (except Marzon who ordered a bowl on her own). We were given menus on clipboards where we ticked our preferences..




Slow clap for she-who-picked-the-Ultimate Burn!

Finally, our last stop for that night was Cool Beans Cafe. I suppose it has always been popular but I think it got even more attention since it was used as a set for the movie English Only, Please. It has shelves of books and rows of National Geographic magazines which literally made my eyes water.

And because all I could tolerate at that time was a soft diet, I ordered a choco-caramel coffee-free frost blend.


… In which I strategically hid my very swollen jaw behind a cool-looking coffee table book about the history of the Peace logo.


My next stop in Maginhawa was with my high school friend. We were both from night shift, and so we decided to have breakfast at what my friend deemed as one of the best breakfast nooks ever: Ally’s All-Day Breakfast Place.

The place hasn’t even opened by the time we got there, but as soon as the sign was lifted we were inside. Less than thirty minutes later, the place was packed with yuppies and employees ready to jump start the day.




I ordered Vigan Longganisa with hot choco. (Php 150)


My friend ordered the Hungarian Sausage. (Php 150)

And for dessert:


Death by Chocolate! What a way to die! (Php 260)


On our latest Maginhawa adventure, my friends and I finally decided to try Crazy Katsu. My workmate and I were in the usual Starbucks in Quezon Ave., enjoying their latest frozen caffeine-infested treat per my workmate’s GC when my stomach began to rumble. So when  our other workmate and her boyfriend arrived, we decided to head to Maginhawa for another food sesh.

Twenty minutes later, we were seated on one of the wooden tables in Crazy Katsu waiting for our Chicken Katsu.


The best-selling Chicken Katsu. (Php 165) I picked off the jalapeno peppers as usual.


Hot tea was the choice of beverage.

After a heavy dinner, there was still a bit of time before my workmates’ night shift at the hospital, so we went for dessert at The Baker’s Table:

11825822_1480108465633230_5986412007561202159_n 11825693_1480108292299914_5140869014100274721_n

Their cakes were adorable! The bestsellers include the Flat Tops chocolate cake, the Hawhaw cake, the Butterball cake, and the Potchie cheesecake.

Some pics:


The popular Potchie cheesecake. (Php 110)


… And the Flat Tops chocolate cake (Php 110) that I was supposed to be sharing with my workmate but mostly consumed on my own because she was kind of heartbroken that night. (Aww.)

Honorary Maginhawa must-see before I wrap up this humongous post: Bookay-Ukay!

If you’re a book junkie like myself, cross the street from Crazy Katsu and enter this paradiso. Affordable books, a variety of genres, and upbeat hipster music: total bookworm haven!



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  1. Ooh interesting! I live so far from the city but next time I make a trip out I’d be sure to check these places out! Thanks!

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