Marathons and Marauders


May 1, 2014 by hallyrh

Good morning!!!

The latest: studying pre-mocks for my big MT finals, HAADs, stressing about the CIC reopening their federal skilled worker program, tossing and turning about the IELTS, pulling hair over budget matters, and trying best to be independent about all this. Oh, and also, work.

In other news…


Ta-daaaah!  That was taken last Sunday at the BGC. We ended up in the 5k race – safe enough distance for beginners. It was super fun! We ran all the way for 40 minutes without stopping.  Being first timers in running events, we actually enjoyed ourselves. There’s another one on June 1st, the first of the popular Run United series, but Jill told me it’s more of a competitive event so we decided to leave that to the expert runners. We’re thinking of joining the Milo Marathon in July instead.

We have a few summer plans lined up but the tight schedule at work makes it hard to make said plans reality. We want to try wall climbing at Power Up, we want to do a Pampanga road trip including a stop over at Avatar One (the roller coaster zip line), a sleepover at Ann’s hometown and a swimming sesh at Fontana, a staycation at the Manila Pavilion. Plus, the Waterfall Circuit in June. Vicky and I were also planning to get half-leg, underarm, and bikini waxes, but I used up my allotted budget for that to get my ears checked by my ENT. I’ve had severe otitis externa some two years ago and now it’s flaring up again. I think it’s become chronic. (Sigh.) I was prescribed with 7 days of antibiotics, and otic drops.

In MT school, Patrick and I finally finished our lecture series. We’re now purely practicing our transcription skills. I’ve come to dislike Patrick with a fiery passion because I caught him copying my work in secret. I’ve always had this nagging suspicion that someone was plagiarizing me, so one time, I opened up Leah and Patrick’s exam files (they should really password protect our files). I didn’t see traces of my work in Leah’s files, but when I opened Patrick’s, I literally saw red. Word for word. As in copied and pasted.

Doesn’t he have any shame, passing off someone else’s work as his own? I invest tremendous time and effort in completing my reports! That leech. You know, sometimes he even swags over to my cubicle, leans over, and makes all these unsolicited corrections in my work. Like he hasn’t been stealing my files behind my back and submitting them like they’re his. The nerve of that asshole.

The following week, we had another exam. I finished before time but didn’t save my work in the public network until we were asked to submit our work. Out of the corner of my eye, Patrick was squirming in his cubicle, leaning over to ask Bamba questions, asking her to edit his file (which made me seriously consider walking over to his cubicle and punching him in the mouth because asking your peers to edit your work is something that is done in the actual production setting and not while you’re still under training. You’re supposed to learn to be confident with your own work before you can offer help to your fellow transcriptionists.). When Ms. Je asked us to finalize our work, Patrick asked for 5 more minutes. And since a lot of copying and pasting can happen in 5 minutes, I withheld from submitting mine until I was absolutely sure Patrick was done. After the exam, he remained in a sour mood the entire day and I felt some sort of grim satisfaction.

I stopped talking to him in class. Some weeks ago, he said he wanted to get my number so we could remain in contact as “partners” (barf) but I put my head on the table and pretended to sleep till the whole thing passed. I don’t want to be friends with opportunists, thank you very much.

And now, I’m about to re-open my modules to so I can write reviewers for the big finals. I dunno what acing those exams will mean, but I’ll work hard on them cause it might affect my eligibility for OJT. E-Link has told me before that they’re willing to work around my schedule if I choose to work with them, and that is a mighty good offer because I might not be able to find another transcription company that’s willing to give me flexible working hours with just the same amount of pay – given that I meet the quota, that is.

A week ago, we had a meeting with Sir Phillip (the owner of E-Link) and he discussed with us the petition of some MTC students (*cough-Patrick-and-Bamba-cough*) which aims to dispel the quota. Sir Phillip, in Chinese businessman mode, said that getting rid of the quota basically means that the slackers and the hard workers will get the same pay, something that he cannot condone. He apparently believes in giving credit to whom credit is due. And applaud. WELL SAID SIR.

Now while I think that the quota is a bit high for neophyte transcriptionists such as myself (450 lines per day), that’s where the challenge lies.

I just really hope I don’t have the same OJT hours as Patrick. But anyway, even if we have the same schedule, we’ll be doing live files so there are virtually no chances of cheating. Each file is unique. They may contain the same elements as previous files, but you’ll have to know how to utilize your resources in order to access them.

Okay, so obviously my feelings about this whole transcription thing are a bit intense. Two jobs means less R&R, but oh well. More earnings. Not like I have a bountiful social life anyway. And besides, no funds, no social life. Either way my social life is doomed.

See ya!


2 thoughts on “Marathons and Marauders

  1. sabpalmares says:

    that’s nice, I ran at nat geo too! 🙂 hope you had a good run 🙂

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