100 Things

(… about me that nobody would probably give a snot about but, oh well.)

  1. My name (Hally Rose) was derived from the words Holy Rosary (my grandparents are devout Catholics). Still true.
  2. I am allergic to shellfish and hard liquor (doesn’t stop me from enjoying the occasional happy hour with friends though, hehe). Update: It looks like I’m becoming more desensitized to seafood, and you can totally trash the allergic-to-hard-liquor crap, haha!
  3. I had a hemangioma when I was born, which was removed when I was 11. I now have a long souvenir scar on my right forearm. Yup.
  4. I’m a nurse by profession. Used to work as a medical transcriptionist on the side. Check!
  5. I daydream about being a pianist. Still do.
  6. I like taking pictures. I’d volunteer to take your OOTD for you. True.
  7. Please do not touch my jigsaw puzzle pieces if you see them lying around in boxes. I WILL know if someone messed them up, haha! ☠☠☠ (D’you know how tedious it is to examine the pieces of a 1000-piece puzzle and arrange them by category? Lol. But it helps me relax and it gets my mind off things so…) Still like them but haven’t been doing puzzles for quite a while now.
  8. I like animé. And I lowkey like KDramas. I also lowkey like KPop. Hehe. (Appreciate oriental pop culture!!!) Haven’t watched much KDramas lately and haven’t watched much animé since that temporary move to London last June.
  9. I am a fan of eating. And I gain weight easily. I eat an all-meat pizza once and boom, +3 pounds. Grrrrr. This will never die.
  10. I’m an only child.
  11. I like books. I smell them. The dustier they smell, the better. Weird? Yes, it IS weird.
  12. S&R pizzas are the shit. 🤘And I will partake when I fly home this March, mark my words.
  13. Reese’s chocolates are sent from heaven.
  14. I am in love with bath products. And colorful socks. And Audrey Hepburn.
  15. I refrain from watching the evening news. Too much negativity.
  16. I like writing. I used to write poems and stories back in elementary school.
  17. I also draw. Occasionally. A lot when I was younger but now it’s just a hobby.
  18. I am obsessed with adult coloring books.
  19. Yes I watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians… (haven’t in a while)
  20. … And I also watch National Geographic. It happens. (I don’t even have cable TV to start with!)
  21. I like taking random family videos, videos with friends, sometimes selfie videos discussing things (but those ones get deleted almost immediately anyway, hehe). I like editing them (nothing major, just with quick editing apps) and I never post them online. Well now I do.
  22. I like memorabilia ❤. I have an old box of letters from friends and back when social media didn’t exist, I made scrapbooks. And I now have Instax.
  23. History of favorite colors: pink (back in primary school obviously), red, magenta, purple.
  24. Current favorite color: blue. Still is.
  25. I like Audrey Hepburn. I’ve seen most of her films and her classy fashion sense is just 😍.
  26. Shows that I watch: Big Bang Theory, the Next Top Model series, Master Chef, Master Chef Junior, KUWTK, the entire 10 seasons of FRIENDS, and an onslaught of KDramas that I would never admit out loud but secretly lowkey like😭. Also, some NatGeo and History specials. But definitely not their crappy reality contests. Haha. Scratch everything that is not in Netflix UK! 😂
  27. I frequently fantasize about travelling and posting slaying #travelgoal pictures on Instagram…
  28. … but for that, I need wicked cameras. Which I will willingly spend on should the tides go in my favor. Haha.
  29. I dislike Maja Salvador and Paolo Avelino and I don’t know why.
  30. Love-hate Taylor Swift.
  31. I believe women should invest on shoes. But I do not practice it, hehe. I repeatedly wear the same pair of shoes.
  32. Given the right funds, I would probably buy a pair of sensible shoes every payday. Keyword: sensible. I would never buy footwear that have virtually zero chances of being worn on a regular basis.
  33. I get irked when I see disorder. And mess.
  34. I don’t like crowds.
  35. When I’m lost somewhere, I would exhaust all possible means to find the right way myself before asking someone for proper directions. (Unless there’s some kind of time constraint).
  36. I really like clothes but there’s only a few pieces that average Pinays can enjoy in this tropical weather. That, and my earnings couldn’t really support an extravagant closet. Plus, you really can’t do much fasyowning when you’re going to be flagging down a PUV on your way to work or getting on the MRT to meet friends for dinner. 😐 Well now it’s basically a requisite to wear coats, scarves, and boots to weather the English weather. 😂
  37. Yes, I read fan fiction but hell no, I can’t/don’t/won’t write them. Haven’t read fan fiction in months.
  38. I enjoy the occasional run but sometimes I just lack the motivation. Hehe. I used to run regularly. But then someone buys pizza and the Kardashians are fighting on the TV, and so my running shoes are chucked in the corner. Haha. Running shoes still in that corner at the moment.
  39. I enjoy laughing out loud.
  40. I talk a lot even inside movie theaters, to the annoyance of my friends, hehe. Not when I’m mostly watching movies alone, I don’t. It’s kinda sad. Haha.
  41. But I’m fairly quiet in the presence of new people.
  42. I have the tendency to curse like a sailor.
  43. I like washing my hands.
  44. I can get anxious. When I’m in a situation, I immediately make the worst conclusions.
  45. I’m a realist. I see things as they are and I do my best not to romanticize or make fairy tales out of situations.
  46. I’m very moody.
  47. I like mystery/suspense/borderline horror stories, subtle romances a la John Green, classics, historical fiction, history, and science books. 🤓
  48. I like all kinds of music except bossa.
  49. I don’t like sweet scents 😔. I’d start breathing through my mouth as soon as I get a whiff of fruity-smelling perfume.
  50. It’s because I easily get migraines and the occasional rhinitis.
  51. I like adventures but I wouldn’t engage in activities which involve voluntarily catapulting myself over something, and falling.
  52. Despite the braces, my two front teeth are still off-center and they can’t really fix it anymore without ruining the natural alignment of my teeth.
  53. I do not wear makeup…
  54. … because I can sweat like a pig. LOL. And my goddamn pores block easily.
  55. I can only ever wear lip tints/stick/gloss.
  56. I like my feet.
  57. I can’t tread in deep water. The only swimming stroke I can confidently do for laps is the breast stroke.
  58. I’m deathly scared of snakes and earthworms.
  59. I hate it when full-grown females regress to childish behaviors when they’re with their partners.
  60. And I hate highly-aware good-looking guys who think they can sweep just about any girl off her feet.
  61. I thrive on humor.
  62. I believe that male chivalry is on its deathbed. 50/50.
  63. I enjoy BIKING. 🤘Might get a bike later on in life.
  64. I used to play pool. I learned when I was 13. Haven’t played in years though, so it got quite rusty.
  65. I only started cooking last year. Before that, the only “cooking” I did, basically, was putting jam on bread. Haha. Hey I can make decent meals now.
  66. My love for reading started when I was first given a library card in second grade.
  67. I can’t drive. But I’m looking to learn because as my aunt says, it’s a life skill. We’ll get there.
  68. I dislike confrontations.
  69. I’m a Harry Potter fanatic.
  70. I’ve never had a huge group of friends, EVER. I only stick to 2 to 3 people who know me inside out, top to bottom, forward-backward. This has expanded.
  71. Can’t say I’m a beach person. First of all, I hate heat. Second, the only swim suits I’m comfortable wearing are rash guards. Third, I just find the whole post-swimming showering business entirely troublesome. There’s sand everywhere, my hair feels sticky and tangled, and the room almost always ends up messy with water droplets and wet footmarks and scattered sand everywhere. Plus the overturned swimsuits dripping from the bathroom towel rack! Total chaos. But when you’ve experienced horrible English weather, you’d shit bricks just to experience Philippine white sand between your toes again. 😭
  72. … But I guess if I weren’t to engage in too much swimming in saltwater and if there’s enough shade under which I can sit and read or people-watch peacefully (preferrably with a chilled drink), then I guess the beach is a pretty awesome place. Yes it really is.
  73. Pools are infinitely better places to swim in. You don’t feel like you’re going to drift off to God-knows-where, there’s not much salt (although there’s chlorine but still…), and it is common awareness that pool floors tend to slope downwards for depth – hence, no fear of sudden missteps underwater that could lead to panic, which can then lead to drowning. Haha.
  74. … Although seashell picking, sunsets, and the sound of crashing waves are simply incomparable. Trueeee.
  75. Breakfast is my most favorite meal of the day.
  76. I have mild insomnia. I find myself awake in the wee hours of dawn, overthinking. I read to distract and get myself back to sleep. Sometimes it works, oftentimes it doesn’t. And tonight is proof of the insomnia.
  77. I had a lot of diaries and journals growing up.
  78. Rainy days are the best, especially when I’m at home.
  79. To lessen my tendency to judge people, I try empathizing with them.
  80. My favorite Kardashians are Khloe and Kylie. Khloe because she speaks her mind and doesn’t really give a fcuk even when people used to call her fat and ugly next to her sisters; and Kylie because she may not be as gorgeous as Kendall, but girl’s not even 20 and she’s already earning well enough to buy herself a small island. Yeah I haven’t really followed any of the K sisters since I got here.
  81. I like french fries. Not those thin crunchy potato strips like Pic-Nic but the thick, juicy, high-cholesterol, fast food ones. Hehe.
  82. My mother loved eating eggs when she was pregnant with me. Which is probably why I love eating eggs myself, however cooked. (I can be partial to omelettes though.)
  83. The second best part of travelling is the hotel! Staycations are also always awesome.
  84. I’m not a coffee person. I’d prefer tea over coffee any time.
  85. I am a migraine kid. I used to have Katinko sticks in my bag but they’ve since ran out. I need to stock up because sometimes these migraines can last up to 3 days.
  86. I think I cry easily, despite the fact that I didn’t cry when my friends and I watched Miracle in Cell # 7. But I easily get teary-eyed. For example, when kids get eliminated on Master Chef Junior. Or when hearing inspirational speeches. Or when one of my friends are heartbroken and crying over pizza in Shakeys. Hehe!
  87. I’m an only child, if I haven’t mentioned that yet.
  88. I’m VERY poor in math. At work, when it’s time to split the bill when we order takeout for dinner, I leave the math up to my workmates. Back in school, any subject which involved math, I automatically suck at. Hehe.
  89. My favorite subjects back in school were social studies, history, english, and biology.
  90. I have anti-radiation reading glasses. Back when I was doing side work for long hours in front of the computer as a medical transcriptionist, these glasses spared me from what would have been a daily onslaught of migraines.
  91. I’ve never fallen in love — as in that deep, deep kind of love that drives people insane. I’ve never cried over a boy either. What the hell is this?
  92. I hate crowded places. I’ve never actually blacked out before but I’ve felt my head spinning and I’ve hyperventilated on multiple occasions, in which I had to sit down for 10 minutes and regroup.
  93. I feel uncomfortable wearing sunglasses, even out in beaches or during trips. I don’t know why. LOL. The only time I chose to wear sunglasses once was INSIDE the house, when I was having another mad migraine and the light in the dining room was way too bright. I knew I looked stupid while eating lunch but it gave me relief. LOL.
  94. I dreamed of becoming a figure skater or a ballerina.
  95. I’d choose pizza over hamburgers any day.
  96. Salmon sashimi is life.
  97. I am weak for bags. 😍
  98. My favorite time of day is 5 PM.
  99. If I were to travel one day, I’d visit the following countries, in order: Japan (during hanami), South Korea (Seoul and Jeju Island), China, the Holy Land, Greece (Santorini), Spain, Italy (Venice and the Vatican), a huge European tour (England, Ireland, France, Amsterdam), Germany, Iceland for the Northern Lights, Canada, Bali, then back to the Philippines in El Nido, Palawan. (*_*)
  100. Jollibee is the bomb. ALWAYS. This will never ever ever be false.

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